I am shocked to be notified that I have had this blog, today, for exactly 2 years.

You guys have been phenomenal — thanks for supporting and loving me. This is very much like therapy to me and so every response / comment / message / follow and like is thoroughly rewarding.

I was meant to be in London this year studying fashion – which I reluctantly turned down and I have been pretty uncertain about that. Even though it was such an honour to have been accepted to such a prestigious institution – it just didn’t feel right, and so I reluctantly chose to continue my studies here in Cape Town for one more year. And this blog has been so much more than just a fashion blog – but it’s a little piece of my life and heart that I share with a lot of you with whom I have no relationship with. So I think now is an adequate time to finally thank you all for your support.

I send the love straight back to you!

Holly eooouut



Hilfiger scores touch down.

I’ve seen it all a million times – fancy designers trying to play it cool with a football-inspired collection that often ends up lacking in vibrancy and authenticity… But the Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2015 show at NYFW was one of the most epically designed fashion shows I’ve ever seen and the whole thing was just pulled off to a tee.


From the show’s invitation (which looked like an NFL ticket) to the runway (which was turned into a field)  — everything was done with the football theme as the epicentre. I’m also ahhhhbsessed with the poncho/coats that he created in this collection. #whatagenius.

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Tommy Hilfiger New York RTW Fall Winter 2015 February 2015

Watch a shortened version of the show here

The most crazy thing of all is that the guy is like 60+ years old and he turns out the most fashion-forward collections that speak for the modern day woman.


Team Tommy all the waaaaay.