No more Marc !!

So it turns out that Marc by Marc Jacobs has closed its doors to us.

Quite surprised actually!


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The prettiest dress I’ve ever seen

Some of my friends have dreamt of their wedding days since they were little girls and, sadly,  I’ve never been one of those. But I’ve nonetheless decided that this will be my wedding dress one day! Haha!

(I just have to find a sugardaddy now)




High Life on a low budget: not possible in fashion.

Sabo Skirt’s new formal line is unreal. Their new collection perfectly merges the ongoing trend of separates with a colourful palette that is stylish and yet strikingly beautiful.

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They’ve often played it safe – opting for “pretty” pieces that are gorgeous and feminine. But I like how they’ve taken bold chances here that they wouldn’t have before – including a black and white polkadot ensemble that speaks volumes for their growing ability to take risks while keeping it stylish.

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I actually discovered them on Instagram and I was soon converted into a loyal Sabo Skirt fan once I had noticed that every single post was phenomenally beautiful . Like the kind of beautiful that you screenshot and send to your friends with the caption “I WANT THIS” –> which is difficult when you’re tempted to do this for every post.. (proof: they currently have 1.2 million followers on the social platform)

I think that a collateral fashion applause goes to the two founders of this phenomenal fashion empire, Thessy & Yiota, who have genuinely succeeded in accomplishing a great brand with a great core.


Remember them. They will become much bigger than they already are.


You have to see it to believe it (click here for a link to their beautiful website)

(they’re actually having a sale on at the moment so check eeeet ouuutt )

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P.S. If you’re a secret Billionaire scrounging about through the internet and happen to come accross my blog – you are MORE than welcome to kindly donate money to me to help me fulfil my lifelong dream of owning something from Sabo Skirt

Holly Hocks xx


Let’s get nude

Mmmm Maybe not that kinda nude.. ;)

But on another note: I like the whole-nude outfit and if you didn’t notice the trend’s prevalence on the red carpet this season then I don’t know where on earth you’ve been.

Oh so fleshhhhhh!



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