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How to avoid looking like a Daisies cliché

Festival fashion tends to be a monotonous cycle of floral headbands and extra extra short shorts.  We all know that dressing for a festival like Rocking the Daisies is somewhat challenging; you need to be equipped for the possibility of encountering four seasons in one day – all the while carrying around minimal baggage and hopefully looking marginally stylish in the process.  So while you read this – put down your halo of daisy’s and listen uuuup.

How can you dress appropriately for Daisies without looking like a sartorial punch-line?  Below I’ve picked out my top festi-fashion faux-pas in a bid to save the rest of you from the ignominy of the Daisies cliché….


Is there anything more exhausted than the flower crown at Daisies? No. It needs a nap desperately. Unless you’re under the age of 9 or are a flower girl at a wedding – the flower crown is not for you. I personally do like a flower crown – but to Daisies? How original.

If you absolutely must wear something on your head – opt for a head wrap, head chain or a hat.  Braided hair also looks phenomenal. You see? Actually not that hard.. :)


Hat: Cotton On


If I could have counted how many of the same regurgitated Mr Price Backpacks there were at last year’s Rocking the Daisies I would sooner die – the waist bag is therefore a much better alternative. We all know that the fanny pack has been rebranded and it’s crazy how fashion has the ability to create a stylish version out of something defined from an era so long ago. Also,You can dance and not have to painfully hold on to your things. Love love LOVE!

Moonchild have developed a sick collection of waist bags – you should definitely check them out.

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Waist Bag: Moonchild


I’ll be honest – this is the first fringed item of clothing that I’ve ever owned! Frills and tassels just personally aren’t my style – but they suit so many people and this ongoing boho trend fits in so well for festivals and the sort. This dress was only R89,99 from Mr Price (click here to check it out online) and the reason why it’s perfect for Daisies is because it’s nailing two trends at the same time: Fringe detailing and high slits.

Maxi dresses are perfect for festivals! They’re long, so you can easily sit on the floor. They’re light, so you can brave the heat. And most importantly they’re super comfortable. 


Dress: Mr Price, Bag: Moonchild, Shoes: Mr Price.

I won’t lie these slits are pretty high, haha. I know that fringe detailing is a festival favourite and has been a massive trend throughout the Spring/Summer 2014 collections – but that doesn’t mean that everything you wear must feature fringe of some sort. Be careful not to look like an extra from Disney’s Pocahontas. 



I’ve always disliked reflectors because I can NEVER recognise anyone when they’re wearing them. But I really like the range and styles of reflectors that are on the market at the moment. Maybe think twice when you’re buying your Ray Bans… :)


Channeling your inner free spirit does not require you to be running  through the grass without shoes on, wearing a floral headband and waving a South African flag over your head. When it comes to festival fashion, there is no need to be so literal.


While there are certain looks that have been so overdone that they’ve become complete and utter clichés – feel free to take my advice with a grain of salt. At the end of the day I think you should wear whatever the hell you want when you’re singing along to Milky Chance (he’s my absolute favourite singer, consider yourself very fortunate to be listening to him).

I will not be at Daisies this year but if you’re going I hope that you have the best best time.

Don’t do drugs. And make good choices. Be safe kids!

Holly eeeeooouuut


What it’s like to be a Marketing student and fashion blogger

*This article can be found on the Red And Yellow website.

It’s crazy to think that 7 Billion people will have experienced this day in a different way. So much can happen in one day; you can fall in love, you can lose a loved one, you can have an accident or perhaps even become an overnight success. I’m one of those soppy people who lives each day as it comes – but I’ll give you a rough idea of what goes on in my chaotic and busy day as a student!

I was actually influenced to study marketing by my roommate from last year. I’d always perceived marketing to be as simple as “make it look nice and people will buy it” – but I soon realized that there’s so much more behavioural analysis and statistical data behind consumerism than I’d thought and I’m infinitely appreciative that I gave it a go.

There’re two pieces of advice in particular that you should know before studying marketing: love people and be an independent thinker. Before Red and Yellow (R&Y) I wasn’t always open to other opinions and it’s shown me that loving people for their individualism essentially enables you to work successfully in not only a team; but life in general. Loving people will help you become a better team player and will enable trust to flow within your group – two essential parts of a successful marketing unit. You won’t always get the group you want, but that’s life!

Secondly, you’ll never contribute considerably to a team if you merely go with the flow. Being an independent thinker will highlight you as an asset to your team and will make you effective in any facet of marketing that you assign yourself. You’ll never make an impact in the marketing industry (or in the larger sense, society) if you’re a conformer. Therefore, develop an independent approach to your work and you will be rewarded. Creativity and ingenuity are at the forefront of every project — merely ‘following the crowd’ will never enable you to create an effective and long-lasting marketing strategy.

My journey to R&Y is rather extraordinary because I never saw myself as one for the marketing world and studied Film and Media Production at UCT. One of my UCT projects included a blogging assignment – we were instructed to create our own blogs and had six blog posts with which we had to prove our English proficiency. It was then that I realized the significance that fashion holds in society; regardless of one’s race, size, gender or academic capabilities – every person has their own individual approach to fashion.

Much like most love affairs I was of course hooked from the get-go and my blog (https://hollyhocksblog.wordpress.com) has become somewhat of an obsession. I’m grateful that I kept my blog quiet until only a few months ago because I’ve been able to analyse my direct audience (who knew I had a following in the U.S and Norway?) and sharpen my online marketing skills. I try not to overthink when writing my posts – I prefer for them to come naturally rather than be a forced attempt to appeal to a mass audience and I think that this translucency is what appeals to online readers. The best article I’ve ever written has been as I’ve jumped out of the shower and was completed in 10 minutes (my towel unsteady and my hair still sopping wet, haha!).


(The first public blog post I wrote, “New kicks made me think“)

Any advice I would give future bloggers would be to understand how to communicate effectively with people. This is because at the end of the day you need to speak to an audience in a way that not only resonates with your true character but also appeals to their own lifestyles and that is the hardest, yet most important part of blogging. Therefore understand people and you’ll understand blogging.

Secondly, have a large circle of friends. It has been pivotal in not only keeping an open mind to life – but fashion, too. The other day someone asked me where I get inspiration for my blog posts from – and my answer is people. People are more inspirational to me than any expensive fashion show or trendy retail shop. I may not be similar to the people whom I spend time with or dress like them, but I draw massive creative inspiration from them. I personally connect strongly to people who are independent thinkers because those are the people who are impactful in society and who will go on to change the world in some way.

The fashion industry tends to be remarkably shallow and therefore I always intend for my posts to be multifaceted and meaningful – consisting of adventure, humour and social observation in addition to fashion. So if you’re planing on becoming a blogger – determine first how your writing will set you apart from the million other writers.

That leads me to the subject of Red and Yellow..

Behind the scenes at R&Y we have certain rituals. Firstly,  Origin is the watering hole of our supreme animal Kingdom! It’s slightly perturbing how much we abuse this coffee shop because one moment it’s a gentle café on the corner of Durham Street and the next it’s turned into a raucous shouting house of boisterous students.

Another ritual of sorts includes our Whatsapp group. Our underground group of 30 is titled “The A-Team” and tends to be much more of a tool of abuse than a means of communication between students. This explains why when one person’s phone goes off a resounding chorus of “pings” usually follows. It even consists of mandatory traditions such as capturing all members eating a banana (I don’t think I need to explain the reasoning for this). Unfortunately there are much too many members that are ready to catch you when you fall – I’m still recovering from an awkward modelling photo that one of the guys found and forced as the group icon for considerably too long. Hazardous nights on the town, boring guest-lecturers and embarrassing fashion malfunctions – nothing escapes the discussion on this group.


The last ritual I will disclose with you is The Taproom. It’s mandatory that we all congregate for beers on the unreliable benches of Devil’s Peak Brewery after Friday presentations. This is often where awkward tipsy comments are made and regular personal jokes resurface once again. No presentation slip-up is ever forgotten and you’ll probably hear me laughing at the guys’ comments from a mile away.


Coming from an all-girls private school and all-girls UCT Residence – it’s been refreshing to bond with people who remind me not to take life too seriously. The banter is akin to that of any KZN boarding school and it’s no wonder that amongst this herd of anarchic men there’s usually only two or three of us girls.

Currently – I don’t have much free time. If I’m not at R&Y, I’m either blogging about fashion or blogging for an Italian coffee company, Emozione Coffee and I’ve just signed a contract to be a fashion journalist for a company from Hong Kong. Hence, time is a massive luxury to me! These last few months have absolutely blown my mind! Beyond the fact that my view rates have exceeded my expectations, I’ve also been asked to be the face of an eyewear company in Cape Town. Blogging has therefore been a platform that has provided me with so many opportunities. And I’ve only just begun – so I can’t wait to see where this will lead me! But if you’re thinking of starting a blog – just know that the chances of you becoming an instant success are very slim. Society’s attention span is dwindling as the months go by – you need to be well-educated about what you’re writing on and you need to be passionate about it. There are so many good writers out there – you need to be better!

In my free time I’m either eating or frowning at my Macbook – examining my various blog’s view rates while Soundcloud blares through my ears. I’ve had sleeping problems since I was little and therefore I head off to gym every evening to let off some steam and burn off the chocolate I probably ate at lunch (a day without chocolate is a day without sunshine!).

Every day brings with it new challenges and surprises but by the time my head is on the pillow, I intend that mine has been filled with love and lots of laughter. So I guess that’s my one-day amongst 7 billion others… :)



I must admit I’ve had a surprisingly large amount of response regarding my blog posts from the last audience I was expecting: males. This has therefore led me to articulate my thoughts on the modern day man. Due to the fact that I’ve grown up with two brothers and have had to bare witness to the cesspit of bad decisions that men in South Africa have accustomed themselves to – I feel that I have the authority to voice my opinions around the subject of men’s clothing.

It’s a well-known fact that you guys generally just don’t take fashion as seriously as us girls – so I’m here to help. In all honesty I’ve always avoided telling you what to wear because we all know that you can be SUPER SENSITIVE when it comes to comments made on your appearances (I’ve encountered many disagreements regarding this subject unfortunately!). However, I’m diving straight into the deep-end and letting you guys in on what us girls have been discussing for years.

This is rather cheeky of me because evidently these are all written from my own, opinionated perspective so at the end of the day you’re welcome to take them or leave them. You will, however, thank me later I promise ;)

– 1 –


You’re wearing a Polo shirt, I can see that. But you don’t need to buy an excessively branded shirt to show that you have taste or perhaps even money. The way you co-ordinate your outfit can speak for the quality of your clothes in itself and this subtlety is a lot more effective than a shouty branded shirt. Unless the girl you’re dating is exceedingly shallow – it’s not all about brands..


– 2 –


Lest you’re wearing a shirt from ninth grade – your clothes shouldn’t choke you but instead should impeccably fit you. On the other end of the spectrum – baggy jeans, baggy suits, baggy anything – are eternally unflattering and deeply disappoints your body frame. I also cannot stress enough how much every guy needs a tailored suit in their cupboard! One look at Johannes Heubl and you’ll understand why …


– 3 –


You’re never going to master the rugged gentleman look if you’re wearing jeans so tight you can see your business. Skinny jeans scream that you’re a hipster and suggest that perhaps you still live with your parents. Unless you want to look like you’re wearing your girlfriend’s jeans, don’t do skinnies.  The perfect jeans are The Slim Fit.


– 4 –


Ohhhkay. I must confess I have a massive weakness for guys in backwards caps, haha! Hardcore, arrogant and OH SO cool. Backward caps are the easiest accessory you can use to transform a boring everyday look into a stylish, badboy look that says you can handle any crisis that’s thrown at you.


– 5 –


The modern somewhat rugged gentleman is an alpha male. His clothing strikes a sophisticated equilibrium between form versus function – therefore the Plain White Tee is his saviour. A Plain White Tee shows that you don’t need shouty branded shirts to look good and tends to compliment most guys’ physiques (if they have one, haha).


– 6 –


Perhaps I’m just a watch person – but I always notice when a guy is wearing a nice watch. It need not be expensive or branded – it just doesn’t have to be one of those chunky digital ones that you go scuba diving with.


– 7 –


Just don’t.




 Denim is casual and comfortable and looks like you’re not trying too hard to be stylish – which ironically makes you look even more stylish.

I’ll never forget meeting the Director of Levi’s, Oliver Pywell, who (as expected) was double-deniming it. He has to be one of the coolest people I’ve possibly ever met and his hardcore personality was complimented perfectly by his Levi’s ensemble. I guess there’s just something about denim… :)

If you’re not comfortable double-deniming it, couple your denim shirt with Chino’s and you’ll get the perfect casual, stylish outfit. Hellloooo Beckham!


– 9 –


Guys. Nothing is better than a well-perfumed lad! I wish more guys knew of the power of a decent perfume – it is the cherry on top for a well-groomed gentleman and shows that you possess a superior level of etiquette. Your natural pheromones are okay, but a dash or two of Bleu de Chanel (the nicest guy’s perfume I’ve ever inhaled, in my life) won’t hurt you.

Side note: take care not to drown yourself in your perfume – there’s a fine line between an overwhelming scent and a subtle yet striking one. Good perfume is worth every single scent (oh you’re so quick if you got that).


– 10 – 


You can look like David Beckham and yet your vibe can destroy everything. Gentlemen are a rare breed and you certainly can’t become one overnight – but just know that being a decent good oke can do so much more for you than you will ever know. As much as what I’ve said is concerned wholeheartedly with ones looks – your personality should always resonate through your outfit. A little bit of etiquette here and a little bit of manners there does a lot.


Lemmeno your thoughts.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week/weekend :)



This month’s been craaaaay

Very grateful for everyone’s love and support this month. To be honest I haven’t had much time to sit down, think and write (hence the silence) – so much has happened, I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it :) You will, however, be informed shortly!

Anyway, just wanted to send the love right back to youuuu.

You are the best best best.



Independent thinkers, independent dressers

The world consists of two types of people: independent thinkers and conformists. Independent thinkers are consequentially independent dressers as they have a careless disregard for what’s ‘trending’. Instead, they wear clothes that resonate with their personal style aesthetics and don’t take pop-culture fad’s to heart (like my friend who wears scrunchies haha).

Considering that this is a fashion blog means that’s pretty hypocritical but leeeet’s be real – it’s true.

There’s this guy that I always see at gym who is a hipster in the best of times and while he dresses in head-to-toe tight black Nike (a bit too tight though, if you know what I mean) – he has the most insane beard. It’s perfectly groomed and is as ginger as my neighbour’s cat, but the fact that he just owns it is impressive. Even though I’m absolutely not a fan of facial hair in any regard and am incapable of such testosterone-induced feats myself – I think that we need more people that are comfortable enough with themselves to grow an orange beard and be proud of it.

Since living in Cape Town I’ve learnt that there’s a beauty in other people’s individuality. Of course the conservative part of me is constantly shocked by some people’s eccentric choices of clothing – but I now have an appreciation for people who will outspokenly dress like a bohemian dancer or maybe even a gypsy – because their non-conformist approach to fashion is rare.



All of a sudden the world exploded with pineapple-obsessed people. WHY?

But I must admit that perhaps I’m somewhat of an unconventional hipster myself because I hated pineapples when they were trending, and now that they’re fading in popularity I’m actually starting to like them haha. FYI – It’s really hard balancing a pineapple on your head.


Photo cred to the phenomenal Kelly Mac. I think onlookers were also wondering “why pineapples?”.

Sometimes it seems that the fashion industry is filled with conformists who are just jumping on any trend’s bandwagon – and yet other times I’m in awe at the industry’s ability to reinvent the ordinary and take a step back from what’s trending to invent something new and fresh. The slit dress is an example of the latter.

Considering the fact that women are less afraid to show off what their mama gave them, as well as the fact that we all got introduced to Angeline Jolie’s awkward leg at the 2012 Oscars – the slit dress is back baby! It took some time to get used to, but I quite like it.

Spring is my favourite season and it’s roughly 3 weeks away – which means that we can slowly trade in our jeans for dresses. Long dresses/skirts can be a little boring and so therefore I suppose this is its sexiest approach.

High slit skirts have become a part of fashion that every woman can use to show off her feminine side that she contrasts with her professional self. It’s chic – but it’s also serious. High slits can be paired with everything from a leather jacket to a silk blouse which is an extra bonus (I personally think a casual leather Jacket is perfect).



Photographed by Kelly Mac

Dress: Woolworths (on sale, only R225!), Watch: Guess Man, Shoes: Cotton On.

P.S While slits offer lots of sex appeal and look phenomenal – they should come with a warning –  as a wardrobe malfunction is VERY likely. Be careful ;)

Check out more photos by Kelly Mac here: http://www.viewbug.com/member/kellyautumn




Movers and Shakers

I’ve always regarded choosing coats as I do my mates: they must be loyal, have your back and provide good support when the going gets tough. Coats function as all of the above (if you choose wisely!).

When it’s 10 degrees, pouring with rain and you’re covered in goosebumps – making sure that your outfit is on point is the last thing you feel like. Investing in a good coat is therefore like investing in a good car – you’re pretty much screwed if you don’t choose well.

For some reason I chose to get out of my coat-comfort-zone and buy something a little bit more outlandish than I usually would – a two-toned half leather/half trench coat. The first night I wore it was to a good friend’s surprise birthday – I guarded it from any stains and was so proud that no one had surreptitiously scarred my beautiful warm possession. But then I was disappointed to discover that it’s all fun and games when a whole bunch of you decide to put gold face paint on (yes we’re 21 years olds, hold your judgement) until it’s permanently on one of your winter coats that you were planning on maybe keeping forever. 

coat 2small

Photographed by Jason Broderick

Cap: Cotton On, Coat: Zara, Watch: Lacoste Man, Leggings: Cotton On Body, Trainers: Nike.

(Side note: I was actually a quivering imbecile when this photo was taken haha!)

But all jokes aside, when it comes to winter coats in 2015 – don’t care about all the ‘how-to-wear-rules’ – wear them with anything. If the coat fits well and you like it – style it to your own look.  You can wear a smart suit with a parka coat or even your gym outfit with an elegant coat. I alwayyyyys wear my Nike’s with my coat. Don’t take yourself too seriously, wear your coat with whatever you want :)

 I personally think that a good coat is worth every cent – Zara and Topshop have the best range of coats out there for Winter.

Choose wiseeeeely

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend :)


profile small

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind :)

In one-way or another – we’re all ultimately in the pursuit of happiness. I’m only a student and my humble opinion can’t claim the solution to life’s obscurities – but I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. Aside from nice clothes, what makes you happy?

We’re all different, but at the end of the day I only need three things to put a smile on my face: God, Good mates and Exercise (Somewhere along the lines wearing a killer outfit does feature in there ;) ).   We are theeee most self-obsessed and shallow generation – it’s important that we question what makes us happy.

Soooo, that’s pretty deep. On to the actual reason for this post: exercise clothes. After a busy day, nothing can compare to the rush of endorphins that pump through your body from an exhausting run. I’d hate to actually see what I look like when I run – maybe I’m a disjointed flamingo or maybe/hopefully I’m even comparable to an elegant feature on Baywatch? I’ll never know and to be honest I’d rather not know haha!

I was never a huge fan of exercise when I was at school and I’m pretty sure that my weak ankles are the result of the fact that I carried a bit too much baby-fat when I was younger. When I came to UCT – I started running casually and I’ll never forget this one run I went on to Rhodes Memorial.

I felt like I was on the verge of a heart attack because the entire route was uphill and I thought the veins in my throat were popping the higher I got (I was really really unfit at that stage). I left when it was pitch black, but when I got to the top it was just in time to see the sun rise. It was majestic! The kind of beauty that leaves you stuck in one place (at this stage sitting down was more an instruction from my sore body than a desire to see the sun rise) and wholeheartedly spellbound . I sat there – gasping for air and in awe that I was the only one seeing this – witnessing the gentle transition of the sky from a deep pink to a yummy orange and then eventually the city entirely light up and start its day. That forever changed my view of running and exercise in the larger sense.

Beyond the physical benefits of feeling strong and firm – exercise just keeps my mind sharp and leaves me feeling profoundly happy. I’m absolutely nowhere close to running any of the 21 km marathons that my friends regularly do – but I’m quite stoked to go for a casual run down my street in Newlands or along the promenade in Camps Bay. It’s like through the physical pain, life rewards you with some sort of beauty that leaves you awestruck and infinitely blessed.

It’s therefore essential that while experiencing this beauty unravel before you that you’re well dressed for such ventures. My mum used to tell me when I was younger that you must always be prepared to bump into the Queen wherever you go. Gym is definitely NOT a fashion show but you must, of course, always be well dressed.. :)

Gone are the days of frumpy boyfriend clothes to gym – research has proved that your active performance is actually improved when you’re dressed well.The Nylon/lycra blend of material enhances the stretch of the garment and can help boost your performance because of its increased elasticity and comfort. Gym clothes have become so well-engineered that I actually opt to wear them over normal clothes. It feels like you’re wearing – well – nothing.

Cotton On nailed their fitness range, “Body”. Not only is it comfortable (which is key!) and stylish, but it also functions to suit the needs of any athlete all the while being cost-efficient. Nike is my first choice because of their groundbreaking research into fitness clothing – but their clothing is, in my opinion (and student budget), quite overpriced. Cotton On’s fitness range is designed to simultaneously provide your skin with good ventilation while soaking up perspiration – and it definitely delivers on that. I honestly cannot fault them, and I’ve been using their range religiously for a good while now. Their compression pants are insane – and even though they’re SO tight-fitting, they work like magic and I even wear them to varsity (the guys haven’t noticed yet!).


Photographed by Jason Broderick

Outfit: T-shirt: Cotton On, Compression Pants: Cotton On, Trainers: Nike – Nike Air Run.

P.S – When buying your next gym outfit, however, make sure that if you’re buying more into the garment’s brand than the garment’s purpose – it might be a matter of fitting in, not getting fit. And that’s just not worth it!

Would love to hear your thoughts :)

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