Goss is boss

Kirsten Goss’s spectacular piece wins “the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa 2012”

If you’re interested in South African fashion and you haven’t yet heard of Kirsten Goss, then you haven’t been paying enough attention in class.
Kirsten Goss is somewhat of a hero in our country, having simultaneously conquered the international fashion borders and staying true to her Durban upbringing, she has carried our flag proudly and this award is testament to her exceptional design talent.
The Lily pad ring, designed by Goss herself, won the coveted prize as the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa at the Design Indaba 2012.
This ring (which retails at R6100) is an example of Goss’s inimitable style and shows her talent for combining organic, clean lines with shades of African colour. Whilst the competition held by the Design Indaba consists of judges such as Jacqui Mybuurgh Chemaly (Editor of ViSi magazine) who nominate designs such as Goss’s, this election is completely democratic and is voted for the people, by the people.
Goss’s distinctive, uber-chic style was shaped by her years in London (where she established her jewellery business in 2002) and her degree in Fine Art from Stellenbosch. Goss’s innovation and unparalleled craftsmanship has made her one of the country’s most talented gemmologists and this has earned her ample international attention. This attention began after her work showed in London Fashion week and has meant that she has accumulated clientele such as Sarah Jessica-Parker, Madonna and even royals such as The Queen, Lady Catherine and Prince William. Her pursuit of world domination doesn’t end there; plans are underway for further design ventures into New York and Hong Kong.
This design victory for Goss is a case in point of how popular her jewellery has become amongst society in South Africa. Women across the country proudly display their statement “Kirsten Goss” pieces on special occasions in the hope of appearing as stylish and as striking as her quality designs.
Goss, who is only in her early thirties, is a model of the modern day working mom, being thoroughly involved with her two children at school and her husband who is commercial lawyer.
Goss is a testament to the true, raw talent that we have here in South Africa and I’m excited to see what she will craft next. I say world domination! There’s no denying that anything Goss puts her mind to, she can accomplish.
Be sure to check out tomorrow’s post where I’ll be speaking on another SA fashion hero, David Tlale.

The Lily pad ring


Kirsten Goss

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