The lure of the Levi’s


Ever wondered what goes into a pair of simple blue jeans?


Levi Strauss is another one of those famous companies that started haphazardly.

The company was started by a simple tailor who used to reinforce the points of strain in pants with copper rivets, and has matured into much more than simply a fashion brand.

The tailor patented this copper rivet after gaining the financial support from the successful wholesale house of Levi Strauss and the rest is history.
Levi Strauss actually invented denim and blue jeans and owes his success to the gold miners of the California Gold Rush. There was essentially just a high demand for their quality of long-lasting, durable copper-threaded apparel and this is what turned a struggling tailor into one of the most successful brand owners in America.

Levis invented a fabric that was durable enough for the miner’s rough conditions and turned what was once thought of as waist overalls into an essential in every person’s closet.Image



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