Palermo’s precision.

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Whether she’s walking her dog on the streets of New York, sitting in the front row of the best fashion shows or having lunch with her gorgeous model boyfriend: Olivia Palermo is arguably the best dressed person in town.


As much as I hate to admit it (because she was the ultimate bitch in <em>The City</em>) she never seems to put her foot wrong with her outfits. She takes risks and that is what has made her notorious for best dressed lists. She successfully combines simplicity and complexity through pairing busy patterns with classic attire. At first I thought she was a catastrophe who failed to pair expensive clothes in the right way; but she has since mastered her style and perfected her brand.


Palermo is the portrayal the ultimate upper-class socialite in New York and even though I think she looks intrinsically superficial; she depicts her style of busy/classy/chic perfectly. Just looking at her makes me wince at my monthly allowance because she reeks of expensive extravagance and chic simplicity all at once.


Have a squiz through the gallery if you’re not convinced 🙂


Good work, Olivia. Good work.

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