Are High-tops the new heels?

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They’re everywhere. It’s like a shoe infestation!

Dirty ones, white ones, yellow ones, star ones, red ones, black ones, grey ones, navy ones.
High-tops are undoubtedly the most popular shoe I see on campus.
I have never been one to ‘follow’ trends like this but last Wednesday I somehow found myself at the till of American Clothing in Cavendish Square, purchasing a pair of outlandishly expensive, squeaky-clean High-tops.
While I was waiting for the Italian man behind the counter to ring up the bill, the word “conformer” was constantly resounding in the back of my head. Have I just betrayed my strong will by following the masses of students who wear high-tops in order to look cool?
I have since worn in my squeaky-clean canvas high-tops and I can safely say that it was well worth the self-betrayal. Buying High-tops has changed the way I see my fashion choices. I can imagine you rolling your eyes at such a dramatic statement; but it’s true.
My outfits have always been chic, classy and “pretty”. Since I’ve started wearing Converses, I suddenly feel inspired to be alternative; to leave my clean look behind and see it as “just a phase”.
I feel like I can wear any unusual thing in my wardrobe and as long as I am wearing my converses, I will look stylish.

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