Fashion on the move: Being fashion forward means looking backward.

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Vintage” is a euphemism for something used, inherited or second hand. It turns out that vintage clothing is not much of an old thing anymore.

The demand for apparel of the yesteryear is growing and continues to be a hallmark of the advancement of fashion. Fashion on the go is no longer fashion of the alien future. But fashion mixed with the past, with a heritage that’s rich in our parent’s memories.

Growing up, I honestly thought that wearing the clothing of my parent’s generation would be the last thing that would be trending, but it turns out I was greatly mistaken.

High-wasted denims, poufy jackets, high-tops and “John Lennon” sunglasses are as ever present in todays’ fashion as they were a few decades ago.

Mmmm whatcha say?

Holly Hocks x

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