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I remember watching Girls of the Playboy Mansion when I was still at school and thinking how Hugh Hefner looked so disgusting and repelling in his trademark silk Pajama attire. Hefner’s look seemed to compliment his shady reputation perfectly.

But just because Girls of the Playboy Mansion is no longer on the air, doesn’t mean that Hefner’s pajama legacy has too been forgotten.

This is all thanks to Marc Jacobs who cemented this trend with his latest Fall collection, even appearing at the show’s runway bow clad in a silk pajama suit.

Oh but that’s not the end of it! From Rochas to Gucci and Haider Ackermann to Dries van Noten – multiple fashion houses have adapted to this comfortable trend and are populated with lounge-inspired, silk silhouettes.

Not sure I’m used to this just yet. There’s nothing better that a person who looks well groomed and styled – not like they’ve just rolled out of bed. But I personally can’t see how this trend is going to stretch to South Africa, we are much too conservative in our fashion choices to be caught dead wearing pajamas to the movies!

Whatcha think?

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