What Do You Think About PALAZZO PANTS?

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palazzo-pants When a trend like this comes along, or its style is reinvented – I’m looking at you PALAZZO PANTS – it’s only normal some of us are left with the ‘looking at’, or perhaps just a raised eyebrow.

That not all trends are for everyone (as much as one loves fashion) is only common sense. And truth. Personally I feel this is the case of these loose, large, flowy pants of the 60’s and 70’s. If you’re short, forget about them. If you’re skinny and tall, I call it quits. Unless you wanna channel a willow in the wind, which of course is acceptable if we’re to look at all the beautiful models looking rather high fashion editorial (read hobo-chic) in these, rather than anything else. But, to each their own. street-style-loose-trousersSo, left with a raised eyebrow and a massive indecision regarding these trousers I decided to split my personal…

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