Extravagant much?

Chanel is the leader of the over-priced, luxurious brands around the world — so their seasonal fashion shows display nothing less than their brand identity.

But my word, their cruise 2014/2015 show in Dubai took it to the next level – hell, even the next few levels. I’ve never seen anything like it!



Yes – that is a picture of a very nice looking hall. But it’s not just a hall – it is a container that was specifically designed and created just for this fashion show and plonked on one of Chanel’s very own islands in Dubai.


Sunken seats forced the audience to regard the designs with an admiration typical of the brand and was perfectly suited to the style of Dubai architecture.


We all know that Chanel put their infamous logo on everything (and I mean everything) so it was no surprise that every single square metre of the walls was swarming with little C cut-outs.



It’s very disappointing, however, that their designs lacked the beauty and luxury that the setting so brilliantly created. As was expected, the production of the runway show was perfection — with stylish music, flawless timing, wonderful lighting etc — but the designs were lacking something. Whilst they adhered to the typical style of Chanel with the typical chanel suit and pearls, I thought that the collection lacked prettiness. The designs were nice — but what I love about Chanel is its ability to turn ANY woman into a woman through its classy, feminine designs.

9834646   Chanel Cruise Collection 2014/2015 in Dubai, Fashion Show

I didn’t see that here – excessive wigs, dark, unflattering colours, horrible patterned fabric. I was so disappointed!

article-2627655-1DD0418C00000578-59_634x502  chanel-cruise-2015-show-photos-79

(This was the only outfit I actually liked)


2014-15 Cruise Dubai - Making of press kit - pictures by Olivier Saillant - 015



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