Freckles are formidable.

   freckle face

After reading an article by the wonderful Amelia Diamond of the brilliantly witty Man Repeller, I feel obliged to discuss the topic of freckles because as a girl with freckles myself, I am often confronted with the fact that having freckles is just as major as the significance of your hair colour — perhaps even your skin colour. Even though you can’t notice I have freckles if I wear a decent amount of makeup, I feel it is my duty to defend such physical characteristics.


Much like Diamond, I hated my freckles when I was growing up. Thus grew my life-long consciousness of my freckled skin that would turn from an insecure complex into a characteristic of mine that I am proud of. The freckles I once saw as physical imperfections I now see as a part of me that sets me apart from they typical perception of beauty.


Freckles are beautiful and mark you as unique. Forget the stereotype set by society – freckles are stunningly extraordinary and are a physical reminder that you are different. You don’t need to cover them up with heaps of MAC Studio Fix — wear them proudly as a mark of your extraordinaryness.


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