Sabo skirt

Really whipped over this Ausi brand.

They have such sick designs — definitely wish they were in South Africa.

Take a look at their site – you can order online and they do international shipping at an added expense of $10.

fd6912a113af60d775e252ea03302178 image.ashx   tumblr_n5gazoUEBV1s1modfo1_500tumblr_mzt7tstSEt1qd8q7fo1_500  tumblr_n5zukoFVOb1tsaz9so1_500 da16a23c473439981ac1284b1736d863 6b74e4c779bbc4004b34672641db0d8b ba21332b4bd0d426619df8792ea8e450 aed45b5395190ba21a1d69897bd54a46 02a8b78d8e9c61d194e0ee8fbd7e4b5a m_52ae426f0fb6cd60cd093bb8 original

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