A little Shimmy to your life

On Tuesday I was really stoked to have been invited by my Digsmate to go to the summer launch of Shimmy Beach Club.

As an exception to my student living, we got picked up in an all-black BMW and whisked off to the Waterfront where we were greeted with cocktails and surrounded by celebrities.


(Jodes and I unashamedly having a good selfie in our chauffeured drive)


It’s not often that you can sip on copious amounts of Moet Champagne and eat a 4 course dinner – all the while sitting next to the editor of a prestigious magazine. The gorgeous Jeanny-D was our entertainer for the night and boy did she deliver – she is as charismatic in real life as she is on screen – I don’t know where she gets all her energy from but she managed to somehow keep us laughing throughout our meals (4 courses of mains and 4 courses of deserts — we were there for a while). When we later met her , I was truly impressed at how she managed to be interested and engaging with every person there – she is a ball of fire and such a nice, down-to-earth gal who could come over for tea and bake cupcakes with.


Shimmy is hands down the only place for luxury, exceptional service and quality. 

Thank you Shimmy for spoiling us so 🙂
Holly Hocks x

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