the Fanny pack just got rebranded.

There’s no word that’s as ghastly as the word fanny (hate hate HATE that word). And therefore even just the name “Fanny Pack” carries with it some major throwbacks to my mum and dad’s generation.  Throwbacks that I would much rather stay as ‘throwbacks’.

Mmmmm … But it seems not!





The newly coined “waist bag” is gaining momentum amongst fashionista’s around the world —and the appreciation is nearly devoid of irony.

It’s not normal (in an industry that tolerates 10-inch stilleto’s, fake eyelashes and lady Gaga) for fashion houses to celebrate pure utility. But it seems that they have!

 I am impressed. The capabilities that fashion houses have these days is exceptional – so exceptional that they have managed a significant feat – rebranding the Fanny pack. Chanel featured them throughout their Couture 2014 fashion show and they seem to have set the stage for this fashion item. It’s quite refreshing actually! All hail the new fanny pack.

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