Ripping it up

It’s bright as a summer daisy here in South Africa but still I am coveting these winter trends in Europe.  This always happens..

IF it were winter here, then I would be wearing ripped jeans – because whyyy not? Life is too short, wear ripped jeans and own it. And you can turn those old jeans into new jeans through some DIY cutting here and there.


tumblr_nhwpush6mq1t6ormzo1_540 tumblr_nhzbkrrCDg1sjqb0no1_1280  e437402b1c7d5dffd6155d0e5492df68 balmain-ripped-denim-trend Denim-and-Jeans-For-Women-2014-Fashion-Trends-9  Le-Fashion-Blog-New-York-Street-Style-Eleonora-Carisi-White-Coat-Double-Lapel-Ripped-Jeans-Burgundy-Dorsay-Heels-Via-Buro247 Ripped-Knee-Jeans-Trend-2014-2-600x398

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