Golden Girls

Getting inked is not just for bikers anymore. It’s actually not even trending to be permanent anymore because of the rise of Flash Tattoos which enables you to wear a tattoo and look glowy and pretty, instead of edgy and emo. It’s almost like you have accessories painted onto your skin – they look like jewellery buuuut they’re not : ) They take the boho-hippie style to a new level and look really beautiful. And they only last for a week!

 TATTOOS_-_arm_1024x1024 367992d0-e6d4-47ad-9be5-2a79e95ff5bc Contents_dakota__19286.1419359875.1280.1280

I first noticed them when I was at Rocking the Daisies – they look really great if you’re at a deep house festival and compliment most people’s skin tones which is an epic bonus!

If you’re interested in buying some – Lovisa sell them in South African stores for about R140 but then there’s also an online website called Flashtat that will import your tattoos for you and they have a fresh assortment to chose from.

I can’t wait to put some on 🙂

Holly Hocks xx

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