No one can quite prepare you for living in London. No matter how talented, rich or educated you are – this incredible city will forever change you. I’ve only been here since the beginning of the year and I can already feel the effects of London – and I mean that in the best possible way.

Before commencing your flight to Heathrow, however, there are many flaws to this concrete jungle that you should know about.

Rush hour is an absolutely terrifying dog-eat-dog world akin to that of a scene from the Hunger Games and it always reminds me of the sprawling spectrum of humanity through the cumulation of all our individual journeys.  God forbid you should NEVER stand on the left hand side of an escalator and lastly but most importantly – sell absolutely everything you own before  you move to London because it will suck you dry! One beer sets you back easily about R144 and you must accept the fact that you will never pay less that 7 pounds for a burger.

On the plus side, London is worth every single penny you have and there is truly nothing quite like it. It’s quite hard for me for some reason to elucidate the style that this city encompasses – it’s more of a “come and see for yourself” type scenario.

People in London certainly dress well. Very well! Men are so comfortable to wear Tweed coats and striking scarfs – and confidently walk the streets in the most stylish loafers that I’ve ever seen.  Signet rings are somewhat of a hierarchical fetish here and tend to adorn a large number of British men’s pinkies.

I have also noticed that the streets are full of people wearing the newest Nike Huaraches. When I first saw them in Dubai I remarked in disgust that they look like alien shoes – but I must admit, I have grown to quite like them.

The white Huaraches are on my lust list for sure!


The streets are busy hum-drums of formal frantic businessmen, the pubs are little havens of overworked and fantastically interesting Brits and the shops are never-ending possibilities to file for bankruptcy.

There’s an electric energy that pulses through the heartbeat of this incredible city that simply makes it impossible for it not to change you!

Here are a few (photographic) reasons to come to London:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Strand Street – an example of London’s correlation to a Harry Potter film set.

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Regents street – it’s quite overwhelming at first, to be honest! But it’s rather beautiful at night.

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Westminister! Founded in 980, this is by far the most beautiful gothic church I have ever seen.

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My secret weapon to the ins-and-outs of London! If you’re coming to London you need a Brit to show you the ropes. This is my fantastic British friend, Ed.

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A better view of Westminister.

2016-02-14 01.18.55

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It’s always adventure time with this baby on my wrist! I absolutely love my DW.

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Pikaboo! Big Ben wants to say hello, too!

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Movers and Shakers

I’ve always regarded choosing coats as I do my mates: they must be loyal, have your back and provide good support when the going gets tough. Coats function as all of the above (if you choose wisely!).

When it’s 10 degrees, pouring with rain and you’re covered in goosebumps – making sure that your outfit is on point is the last thing you feel like. Investing in a good coat is therefore like investing in a good car – you’re pretty much screwed if you don’t choose well.

For some reason I chose to get out of my coat-comfort-zone and buy something a little bit more outlandish than I usually would – a two-toned half leather/half trench coat. The first night I wore it was to a good friend’s surprise birthday – I guarded it from any stains and was so proud that no one had surreptitiously scarred my beautiful warm possession. But then I was disappointed to discover that it’s all fun and games when a whole bunch of you decide to put gold face paint on (yes we’re 21 years olds, hold your judgement) until it’s permanently on one of your winter coats that you were planning on maybe keeping forever. 

coat 2small

Photographed by Jason Broderick

Cap: Cotton On, Coat: Zara, Watch: Lacoste Man, Leggings: Cotton On Body, Trainers: Nike.

(Side note: I was actually a quivering imbecile when this photo was taken haha!)

But all jokes aside, when it comes to winter coats in 2015 – don’t care about all the ‘how-to-wear-rules’ – wear them with anything. If the coat fits well and you like it – style it to your own look.  You can wear a smart suit with a parka coat or even your gym outfit with an elegant coat. I alwayyyyys wear my Nike’s with my coat. Don’t take yourself too seriously, wear your coat with whatever you want 🙂

 I personally think that a good coat is worth every cent – Zara and Topshop have the best range of coats out there for Winter.

Choose wiseeeeely

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend 🙂


High Life on a low budget: not possible in fashion.

Sabo Skirt’s new formal line is unreal. Their new collection perfectly merges the ongoing trend of separates with a colourful palette that is stylish and yet strikingly beautiful.

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They’ve often played it safe – opting for “pretty” pieces that are gorgeous and feminine. But I like how they’ve taken bold chances here that they wouldn’t have before – including a black and white polkadot ensemble that speaks volumes for their growing ability to take risks while keeping it stylish.

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I actually discovered them on Instagram and I was soon converted into a loyal Sabo Skirt fan once I had noticed that every single post was phenomenally beautiful . Like the kind of beautiful that you screenshot and send to your friends with the caption “I WANT THIS” –> which is difficult when you’re tempted to do this for every post.. (proof: they currently have 1.2 million followers on the social platform)

I think that a collateral fashion applause goes to the two founders of this phenomenal fashion empire, Thessy & Yiota, who have genuinely succeeded in accomplishing a great brand with a great core.


Remember them. They will become much bigger than they already are.


You have to see it to believe it (click here for a link to their beautiful website)

(they’re actually having a sale on at the moment so check eeeet ouuutt )

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Holly Hocks xx


Today I was shocked when I heard the familiar ‘bing’ of an email from WordPress – congratulating me for having this blog, today, for exactly 2 years.

You guys have been phenomenal.

I started off blogging because it was required as a University project – and much like most love affairs I was of course hooked from the get-go! I try not to think too much when writing my posts – I prefer for them to come naturally rather than be a forced attempt to appeal to a mass audience… So what you see is very much what you get – this is me! So every response / comment / message / follow etc is thoroughly appreciated and infinitely rewarding.

I was meant to be in London this year studying fashion – which I reluctantly turned down but I’m stoked I kept this blog.

I send the love straight back to you!

Holly eooouut