The Triumph of Testino





Some call him a flirt; some go so far as to call him a slut.

Me? I call him the greatest charmer in fashion. With the combination of his billboard smile and voluptuous accent; there’s no wonder why Testino has been so successful in making such highly-ranked subjects such as the Queen so comfortable in front of the camera.

Testino is acclaimed for fast-forwarding the careers of Kate Moss and Gisele Bündchen into super-star status. His notorious ability to disarm even the most guarded subjects in front of the camera has allowed him to have one of the best reputations in a very picky and discriminatory industry.

It is very surprising that his first ambition was to become a priest; but the fashion industry certainly appears to see him as holy.


Vogue Paris even requested that he take them on personal tour of his hometown Peru, where he shared his childhood memories and revealed his favourite places. The link is below.

What do you think of Testino’s photographic ability?


I say good work Testino. Good work.


Holly Hocks x