Making the most of life in your twenties

Ok so… I’m only 23…

And that means I’m a bit premature in thinking of what I should or shouldn’t know in my twenties, but I couldn’t help myself.

I recently read this article on the Thought Catalog written by Becca Martin and instantly wanted to share it.  Our generation of millennials are worth so much more than the crowd-pleasing tendencies that we are succumbing to.

My favourite excerpt from this article is “dreams can be thought of in the comfort zone, but it’s the same place they die. It’s important to push yourself to a new level that make you uncomfortable to see how much you can handle and see yourself grow from the challenge.”

One quick thing – I’ve been absolutely absent (it’s been a year since I last posted!) and I sincerely apologize. It’s been the busiest time ohhhhh my days!

I promise I’ll try to be better this year.

Anyway.! Read and Enjoy !

20 Ways You Are Ruining Your Life In Your 20s

1. By not taking chances. You are in the prime of your life. You’re finally old enough to do everything you’ve always waited for, but still young enough to not have the full commitment of being an adult (kids, mortgage, marriage, etc.) – unless you choose to. It’s the time in your life where you should take chances and risks to become the person you want to be.

2. By not doing anything to help your future. Sure, it’s fun to blow all your money. It’s fun to travel around and keep your bartending job. But do you want to bartend your whole life? If you don’t you should really consider looking into a career in the profession you want to be in. It’s hard to find a job at a place where you don’t need 3 years minimum experience. Your future self will kick you if you just start looking at 30 and have no pervious experience.

3. By surrounding yourself with the same people. Your friends from high school are great, but it’s also great to branch out, to surround yourself with people who are different from you. Don’t isolate yourself by always hanging out with the same people, you also never know where those connections could lead.

4. By never leaving your comfort zone. Just like surrounding yourself with the same people your whole life, leaving your comfort zone is vastly important to your individual growth as a person. Dreams can be thought of in the comfort zone, but it’s the same place they die. It’s important to push yourself to a new level that make you uncomfortable to see how much you can handle and see yourself grow from the challenge.

5. By deciding your worth based on social media. You. Are. So. Much. More. Than. Likes. Seriously. Likes are dumb, getting double or triple digits on your posts do not determine your worth. Neither does your number of followers. No one is checking anyway, tbh. You are worth more.

6. By feeling the need to justify your choices. If you want to quit your 9-5 because it’s making you miserable, you don’t need to justify that. If you want to stay in when all your friends are going out, you don’t need to justify that. You just need to do what makes you the happiest and other people don’t need an explanation as to why.

7. By following the crowd. Peer pressure was one of the biggest influences in my life as a teenager, but in my 20s? Nope. If I don’t want to do something I’m not going to do it. I know what makes me happy and what I feel comfortable with enough to say no. I don’t need to take a bong rip to feel ‘cool’ I can just say “no thanks” and be done with it. No is a complete sentence. Use it.

8. By trying to live up to your parents expectations instead of going after what you want. My parents dream is for me to get a job with benefits and a 401k. Duh. But does that mean those are my dreams? I don’t know. You don’t have to do what your parents want because if I was what my dad wanted I’d be a cop. Not that there’s anything wrong with that profession, but that lifestyle is not for me.

9. By comparing yourself to others. Comparing yourself to other’s is a killer. I can think I look strong and great in the mirror at the gym until someone else comes next to me who is smaller than me, more fit than me, whatever it is and I instantly feel shitty about myself again. Comparing yourself to others is awful, don’t do it. Not with body image, with relationships, with careers, none of it. Just stop – you are enough the way you are.

10. By looking for outside validation. Looking for outside validation can be damaging, just like comparing yourself to others, but it’s something we do. We can be enough to ourselves until someone comes along and makes a comment, then we are constantly seeking their validation, their approval, their opinion of us instead of just being happy with our own validation. For some reason we always feel it’s better to have approval from others than to just do something based on your own gut instinct.

11. By wasting all your money at shots at the bar. Getting wasted in your 20s is fine, it’s fun, it is what it is. But don’t waste all your money buying everyone rounds of shots on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. It’s great, people will love you, but your future self and your bank account will hate you for it. Instead don’t open a tab, take out X amount of dollars and once that runs out then you’re done. Don’t spend a hundred dollars at the bar every time you go out, you could easily save that money and be in a much better financial place.

12. By refusing to admit when you’re wrong. Being wrong S U C K S. No one likes admitting they’re wrong, but get used to it. You will earn a lot more people’s respect and appreciation if you can just own up when you’re wrong. It will make you a much more enjoyable person to be around because guess what? Everyone is wrong at times because no one is perfect.

13. By staying in a relationship because you’re scared to be alone. Modern dating makes me want to rip my hair out and that’s probably a good reason I’m single. If you are not happy in your relationship – L E A V E. Seriously, leave. Don’t stay with someone who used to be good to you in the beginning and it’s been months or years now since they’ve been that way. That’s not good for you and it’s not a healthy relationship. Being alone isn’t as scary as we make it appear. Staying with someone who no longer makes you a better person is ruining your life.

14. By not questioning your life. Questioning your life and your choices is great because it means you aren’t settling and you’re not okay with just being content. Be secure enough to want to push yourself further and become better.

15. By listening to people tell you that you’re not capable because you’re young. Just because you’re young doesn’t make you incapable. You can amount to so much. You can become a CEO, a millionaire, find the cure to cancer. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t because you’re young.

16. By not reading. Read. Read lots. Educate yourself and fill your brain with outside thoughts. It will help expand your mind outside the world you’re living in and it can be essential to your personal growth because reading a book can change your entire outlook on life.

17. By not traveling. Immerse yourself in other cultures, see how they live. Struggle with language barriers, push yourself out of your comfort zone, try new food, learn a new language. Travel and see that the life you know isn’t the only life out there and experience it first hand to get the full effect.

18. By spreading yourself too thin. Don’t over commit yourself to five things when you’ve only got time for two. As much as you might want to do everything, you can’t and it will ruin you if you try. You need to put your needs first and take care of yourself. After all, you can’t pour out of an empty cup so don’t spread yourself to thin.

19. By letting other people’s fear dictate your choices. Other people love to press their fears on you. Quitting your job is scary to pursue your own business, but if that’s what you want to do then do it! Don’t listen to Sally tell you everything that could go wrong because you already know everything that could go wrong. Just follow your gut and do it. Don’t let her fears dictate your decisions to move forward.

20. By doing things out of obligation. Don’t do things out of obligation. Don’t say yes when you really want to say no. Don’t do it because everyone else is. Do what makes you happy, help when you can and be a good person, but don’t do things out of obligation. You don’t have time to waste doing things that make you miserable.


I must admit I’ve had a surprisingly large amount of response regarding my blog posts from the last audience I was expecting: males. This has therefore led me to articulate my thoughts on the modern day man. Due to the fact that I’ve grown up with two brothers and have had to bare witness to the cesspit of bad decisions that men in South Africa have accustomed themselves to – I feel that I have the authority to voice my opinions around the subject of men’s clothing.

It’s a well-known fact that you guys generally just don’t take fashion as seriously as us girls – so I’m here to help. In all honesty I’ve always avoided telling you what to wear because we all know that you can be SUPER SENSITIVE when it comes to comments made on your appearances (I’ve encountered many disagreements regarding this subject unfortunately!). However, I’m diving straight into the deep-end and letting you guys in on what us girls have been discussing for years.

This is rather cheeky of me because evidently these are all written from my own, opinionated perspective so at the end of the day you’re welcome to take them or leave them. You will, however, thank me later I promise 😉

– 1 –


You’re wearing a Polo shirt, I can see that. But you don’t need to buy an excessively branded shirt to show that you have taste or perhaps even money. The way you co-ordinate your outfit can speak for the quality of your clothes in itself and this subtlety is a lot more effective than a shouty branded shirt. Unless the girl you’re dating is exceedingly shallow – it’s not all about brands..


– 2 –


Lest you’re wearing a shirt from ninth grade – your clothes shouldn’t choke you but instead should impeccably fit you. On the other end of the spectrum – baggy jeans, baggy suits, baggy anything – are eternally unflattering and deeply disappoints your body frame. I also cannot stress enough how much every guy needs a tailored suit in their cupboard! One look at Johannes Heubl and you’ll understand why …


– 3 –


You’re never going to master the rugged gentleman look if you’re wearing jeans so tight you can see your business. Skinny jeans scream that you’re a hipster and suggest that perhaps you still live with your parents. Unless you want to look like you’re wearing your girlfriend’s jeans, don’t do skinnies.  The perfect jeans are The Slim Fit.


– 4 –


Ohhhkay. I must confess I have a massive weakness for guys in backwards caps, haha! Hardcore, arrogant and OH SO cool. Backward caps are the easiest accessory you can use to transform a boring everyday look into a stylish, badboy look that says you can handle any crisis that’s thrown at you.


– 5 –


The modern somewhat rugged gentleman is an alpha male. His clothing strikes a sophisticated equilibrium between form versus function – therefore the Plain White Tee is his saviour. A Plain White Tee shows that you don’t need shouty branded shirts to look good and tends to compliment most guys’ physiques (if they have one, haha).


– 6 –


Perhaps I’m just a watch person – but I always notice when a guy is wearing a nice watch. It need not be expensive or branded – it just doesn’t have to be one of those chunky digital ones that you go scuba diving with.


– 7 –


Just don’t.




 Denim is casual and comfortable and looks like you’re not trying too hard to be stylish – which ironically makes you look even more stylish.

I’ll never forget meeting the Director of Levi’s, Oliver Pywell, who (as expected) was double-deniming it. He has to be one of the coolest people I’ve possibly ever met and his hardcore personality was complimented perfectly by his Levi’s ensemble. I guess there’s just something about denim… 🙂

If you’re not comfortable double-deniming it, couple your denim shirt with Chino’s and you’ll get the perfect casual, stylish outfit. Hellloooo Beckham!


– 9 –


Guys. Nothing is better than a well-perfumed lad! I wish more guys knew of the power of a decent perfume – it is the cherry on top for a well-groomed gentleman and shows that you possess a superior level of etiquette. Your natural pheromones are okay, but a dash or two of Bleu de Chanel (the nicest guy’s perfume I’ve ever inhaled, in my life) won’t hurt you.

Side note: take care not to drown yourself in your perfume – there’s a fine line between an overwhelming scent and a subtle yet striking one. Good perfume is worth every single scent (oh you’re so quick if you got that).


– 10 – 


You can look like David Beckham and yet your vibe can destroy everything. Gentlemen are a rare breed and you certainly can’t become one overnight – but just know that being a decent good oke can do so much more for you than you will ever know. As much as what I’ve said is concerned wholeheartedly with ones looks – your personality should always resonate through your outfit. A little bit of etiquette here and a little bit of manners there does a lot.


Lemmeno your thoughts.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week/weekend 🙂


Independent thinkers, independent dressers

The world consists of two types of people: independent thinkers and conformists. Independent thinkers are consequentially independent dressers as they have a careless disregard for what’s ‘trending’. Instead, they wear clothes that resonate with their personal style aesthetics and don’t take pop-culture fad’s to heart (like my friend who wears scrunchies haha).

Considering that this is a fashion blog means that’s pretty hypocritical but leeeet’s be real – it’s true.

There’s this guy that I always see at gym who is a hipster in the best of times and while he dresses in head-to-toe tight black Nike (a bit too tight though, if you know what I mean) – he has the most insane beard. It’s perfectly groomed and is as ginger as my neighbour’s cat, but the fact that he just owns it is impressive. Even though I’m absolutely not a fan of facial hair in any regard and am incapable of such testosterone-induced feats myself – I think that we need more people that are comfortable enough with themselves to grow an orange beard and be proud of it.

Since living in Cape Town I’ve learnt that there’s a beauty in other people’s individuality. Of course the conservative part of me is constantly shocked by some people’s eccentric choices of clothing – but I now have an appreciation for people who will outspokenly dress like a bohemian dancer or maybe even a gypsy – because their non-conformist approach to fashion is rare.



All of a sudden the world exploded with pineapple-obsessed people. WHY?

But I must admit that perhaps I’m somewhat of an unconventional hipster myself because I hated pineapples when they were trending, and now that they’re fading in popularity I’m actually starting to like them haha. FYI – It’s really hard balancing a pineapple on your head.


Photo cred to the phenomenal Kelly Mac. I think onlookers were also wondering “why pineapples?”.

Sometimes it seems that the fashion industry is filled with conformists who are just jumping on any trend’s bandwagon – and yet other times I’m in awe at the industry’s ability to reinvent the ordinary and take a step back from what’s trending to invent something new and fresh. The slit dress is an example of the latter.

Considering the fact that women are less afraid to show off what their mama gave them, as well as the fact that we all got introduced to Angeline Jolie’s awkward leg at the 2012 Oscars – the slit dress is back baby! It took some time to get used to, but I quite like it.

Spring is my favourite season and it’s roughly 3 weeks away – which means that we can slowly trade in our jeans for dresses. Long dresses/skirts can be a little boring and so therefore I suppose this is its sexiest approach.

High slit skirts have become a part of fashion that every woman can use to show off her feminine side that she contrasts with her professional self. It’s chic – but it’s also serious. High slits can be paired with everything from a leather jacket to a silk blouse which is an extra bonus (I personally think a casual leather Jacket is perfect).



Photographed by Kelly Mac

Dress: Woolworths (on sale, only R225!), Watch: Guess Man, Shoes: Cotton On.

P.S While slits offer lots of sex appeal and look phenomenal – they should come with a warning –  as a wardrobe malfunction is VERY likely. Be careful 😉

Check out more photos by Kelly Mac here:



A collateral fashion applause for someone whose name I can’t pronounce

I don’t often post about men’s fashion but there’s one guy who deserves a fashion standing ovation.  His name is Johannes Huebl and if you’re a guy and you’re reading this – take notes.

I’ve never before seen someone ace their outfits as consistently as this German entrepeneur / model. He’s married to Olivia Palermo and together they are a formidable force in the international stages of fashion. Palermo has featured a number of times on my blog for obvious reasons – she’s the best dressed person I have ever seen (and that statement shouldn’t be taken likely). 


But getting back to Huebl – he is the personification of the way that contemporary men should dress – at least, according to me. His outfits are classy, understated and masculine.  He has no extra-tight-skinny-jeans, no floral-collared-hippy-shirts and no mohawk-haircut (which Cape Town has become a cesspit for). He is consistently crisp, tailored and groomed and this is how men should dress. He is bereft of any shouty branded shirts and displays the quality of his clothes through his ability to put together a flawless outfit.

This guy deserves some appreciation. 



Whatcha think?

HollyHocks x