I know this is a rather unglamorous shot by most fashion bloggers’ standards (I took this selifie before varsity and had no makeup on haha) and I hope you’re not cringing as badly as I am.. But I am pretty stoked to have this new purchase hanging in my wardrobe at the moment — it certainly won’t protect me from the cold but at least winter won’t make me look like a blonde grizzly bear. I got it a few days ago from Zara (my parents and their credit cards were in town!) and I think I would advise anyone to save up and get it too – there are so many ways you can wear it and I have a feeling that this trend will have a lengthy duration on the streets of Cape Town!


Coat: Zara

Whatcha think?

HH x

The prettiest dress I’ve ever seen

Some of my friends have dreamt of their wedding days since they were little girls and, sadly,  I’ve never been one of those. But I’ve nonetheless decided that this will be my wedding dress one day! Haha!

(I just have to find a sugardaddy now)




Today I was shocked when I heard the familiar ‘bing’ of an email from WordPress – congratulating me for having this blog, today, for exactly 2 years.

You guys have been phenomenal.

I started off blogging because it was required as a University project – and much like most love affairs I was of course hooked from the get-go! I try not to think too much when writing my posts – I prefer for them to come naturally rather than be a forced attempt to appeal to a mass audience… So what you see is very much what you get – this is me! So every response / comment / message / follow etc is thoroughly appreciated and infinitely rewarding.

I was meant to be in London this year studying fashion – which I reluctantly turned down but I’m stoked I kept this blog.

I send the love straight back to you!

Holly eooouut